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Halftime Chiller

Inspired by a vintage oak whiskey barrel, the Halftime Chiller truly is one of a kind.

The innovative 4 in 1 design allows it to function as a cooler, seat, and dual portable storage unit.

Pressure lock system

- Fill the bottom half with ice, drinks & snacks

- Holds 24 bottles and cans

- Stays cold for hours

No chairs? No problem.

- Standard stool height

- Comfortable padded, sturdy seat

- Telescoping handle makes it light and easy to pull

- Imprinted wood grain design for visual appeal

Hidden compartment under the lid

- Keeps personal belongings secure and easily accessible

- Removable tray

Mesh back pocket for extra storage space

- Perfect for clothing, towels, equipment, books, games, supplies, etc.

- Two halves stack inside one another to save space when being stored